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Set away from the main road through Sandiacre, Nottingham, La Rock Restaurant shows a serious blend of innate rusticity and finely-edged flair. With emphasis on diners spending time under the striking antler chandeliers for more than just a meal, but for an evening, La Rock exudes the senses of unwinding, celebration and occasion. 
Squared against the clean lines of polished glassware and cleverly designed tableware, the food is designed by Executive Chef Nick Gillespie, with over thirty years’ experience behind the stove and looks to cherry-pick their favourite methods, techniques and influences from around the world.
The untreated tables of green oak that twist and buckle around black granite panels, lace the restaurant with a quirky and unique sense of life.
Our name is born of local history during the Napoleonic War when French prisoners quarried rock for our roads from nearby crossroads
‘The Roach’, which takes it’s name from the French name for rock, la roche, hence, La Rock.
  • Lunch Menu

    Savor our scrumptious lunch menu, bursting with flavors and a variety of options.

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  • Dinner Menu

    Treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, crafted with the freshest ingredients and expertise.

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  • Sunday Lunch Menu

    Experience a delightful Sunday with our mouthwatering Sunday lunch menu.

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  • Tasting Menu

    Indulge in our tantalizing tasting menu, designed to delight your senses and stimulate your palate.

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